Achieving wellness through movement

Are you feeling low and unmotivated? Do you need some help getting back to optimum wellness in the mind and body? If so, I can help.

My name is James Lambert, a personal trainer and life coach in West Sussex and online. I am here to be your professional guide as you move towards thriving once again.

Nothing is out of your grasp. We take a holistic approach based on the mantra that “movement is medicine”, utilising the same training I employed during my fighting career to create an environment where you can boost your energy, rediscover your drive, and feel more confident in yourself over time, eventually getting into a place where you can practice the work we do together on your own –in a way that suits you.

To learn more about how I can help you rediscover your motivation as a personal trainer and life coach in West Sussex or online, take a look at my life coaching page.


By far the most effective way to benefit from the range of services I can offer, is to take up one of my Breakthrough Courses. I developed the training structure of 3-monthly packages because this enables me to deliver a personalised and tailored programme designed specifically to meet your individual needs and goals. As you will see under Our first session, I listen to you very carefully to establish what it is you want to change and what you aim to achieve.

My Breakthrough packages give us the time and structure to make your goals achievable. I can offer you a training programme which I believe to be unique in that my work with you nurtures Body, Mind and Soul and views them as inseparable when striving to achieve changes and overcome challenges in our lives. By working with you in this holistic way we will not neglect the parts of you that may have been the cause of self-sabotage or disappointment in the past.

You will have my support each and every day of your course. By checking-in with you daily I can monitor your progress and identify any difficulties or struggles you may be experiencing. My job is to train, guide, inspire, motivate and nurture you so that by the end of the Course you will have attained your goals. It is intensive work and takes real effort and commitment, but the results are priceless. You will gain a sense of confidence that you will take with you and keep long after your Course has ended.


Breakthrough Courses

Both Breakthrough courses are done online globally or in person within 30 miles of Horsham, West Sussex, with the timeline for each one being three months.

Whether you want to become healthier, physically stronger, or more confident, we will work hard together over a 12-week period, with me giving you all the support you need to ensure you see positive results by the end.


This course involves two personal training sessions every week, carried out on days most suitable for you. We also have three 20-minute check-in sessions which take place in between our personal training sessions to ensure we keep motivation levels high and you remain accountable throughout our three-month journey. Setting those daily intentions and reinforcing the good work we have done is such a fundamental part of eliciting positive change that lasts. Let’s do it together!

The total cost for this course is £1,700, or three payments of £600 a month if you would like to pay in instalments.


Just like with the Focus course, we will have daily check-ins to make sure you keep firing on all cylinders. For the Intensive course, however, we will have four sessions a week - three personal training sessions and one life coaching session. This is a more all-encompassing course that really works on connecting the mind and body and improving how you feel in a more holistic way.

If you prefer, however, we can have two personal training sessions and two life coaching sessions a week instead. These three months are about you, so I will always adapt our schedule to meet your personal requirements.

This course is available at £2,500, or three payments of £900 a month if you would like to pay in instalments.

Exclusive Weekend

My Exclusive Weekend package allows us to work together for one or two days while staying at a luxury hotel. This gives us room to elicit truly powerful positive change through a combination of personal training, breathwork, meditation, and daily in-person discussions. Having this close contact over one or two days provides the perfect platform for us to talk things through and properly tackle the goals you have set for yourself. The course can be done individually or with groups of up to eight people.

The pricing for the Exclusive Weekend package depends on a few factors, such as the hotel and which days you choose. Just get in touch with me and we will work out an arrangement and final fee that works for you.

Our first session

To start with, we will have an informal chat over the phone to get an idea of your current situation and goals going forward, along with finding out about any pre-existing conditions or injuries. This is also a time to discuss any mental health challenges you may be facing, as this helps me tailor our training regime to your situation, whatever it may be. I take extreme care to ensure you feel genuinely accepted and listened to from minute one, allowing us to move forward on the same page and develop a strong working relationship.

Once we have agreed on a training regime that suits you, we will dive straight into getting you moving again. Whether we work together in person or online, our sessions will always be fun, friendly, and full of energy. You don’t require any extra equipment; there are no additional fees. All you need is yourself and a bit of space. The work we do together will give you the resources you need to stay active in the future at any time and in any place you choose, from hotel rooms to your own bedroom. You become the architect of your own health and wellness!

Whether you are struggling with leaving the house each day or preparing for a marathon, I am a personal trainer and life coach in West Sussex or online who can help you develop a training regime that allows you to achieve your specific goals. Get in touch for a free, no-pressure 10-minute chat over the phone.

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