Giving you confidence for life

I am a personal trainer and life coach in West Sussex and online with a burning passion for empowering people to feel stronger in their bodies and minds through tailored personal training.

If you are, like so many people, feeling low, unmotivated, or unhealthy, scaling that great mountain back to wellness can feel impossible. I am here to remind you that nothing is beyond your reach. Realising that goal isn’t easy, and takes time, but I am here to smoothen your path by acting as your trusted professional guide who has been there before, saving you valuable time and effort.

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Physical exercise to calm the mind...

...mental exercise to nourish the body.

Many personal trainers focus on helping you achieve a specific goal, like getting bigger biceps or losing weight, but that is not my style. There are so many people out there who have stunning bodies but feel miserable on the inside. My goal is to offer an all-encompassing service that goes far beyond just toning up your muscles.

That is why the training regime we agree on together will always be holistic – one that sees movement as medicine for the body and mind. I use the training experience I had as a boxer and martial artist – pad work, shadow boxing, press ups, etc. – as a tool for transforming your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

These exercises give you so much more than bigger muscles and improved stamina. Physical progress is just one aspect. The routine of doing these sessions creates a powerful sense of momentum, boosts your energy, and instils the confidence you need to thrive in all walks of life, allowing you to meet obstacles with enthusiasm rather than fear.

Tackling mental health

I have a strong passion for working with people who are struggling with mental health challenges – or have in the past – and don’t feel comfortable dealing with their issues in a more conventional therapy setting. This is particularly a problem amongst males, who may not feel like they have an outlet to vent what they are feeling.

I understand how it feels to be stagnant, inactive, with emotions bottled up inside. Working with a personal trainer like myself on a regular basis in a high-energy, motivational setting is, for many people, the most effective way of moving past that negative headspace and towards a clearer, happier mindset.

Just like getting into physical shape, positivity is an active choice and something that needs be done every day, but doing it alone is difficult. Adopting a forward-thinking mindset is learned over time, and I am here to act as your trusted guide as you move down that path. That is why a big part of our training together revolves around setting positive intentions. Deliberately approaching each new day with a burning desire to thrive is the cornerstone of maintaining confidence for life.

Motivational speaking

Along with being a qualified personal trainer, I am a mentor, motivational speaker, and author. Galvanising others is something I love doing, and there are more ways to do it than by simply putting people through personal training exercises! Talking is an integral part of what I do – namely helping others adopt a different perception of themselves and encouraging them to meet challenges head on.

I am a professional speaker who has spoken globally, motivating both individuals and groups to go out and achieve their personal and professional goals, whatever they may be. I can inject spirit and enthusiasm back into your workplace, allowing for a happier environment and improved productivity.

Want to know more? If you are interested in hiring me to speak at your next event or conference, get in touch with me for a chat over the phone.

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